Our Wedding Party

Danielle's attendants
  • Sabrina Shell, Matron Of Honor
    I'm so excited to have my big sis as my Matron of Honor. I give her total credit for introducing me to Stephen... so it made total sense to have her stand beside me on our Big Day!
  • Dana Dixon, Bridesmaid
    My "wildcard" younger sis will also be by my side on the Big Day. She is the perfect Bridesmaid..I give her the details and she says "when and where"...she has yet to see my "Bridezilla" horns come out..and I couldn't be happier!
  • Helana Morad, Bridesmaid
    Ever since our "chance" meeting in college, I knew Helana would be someone important in my life. I am so lucky to have her as my friend..and now as my bridesmaid.
  • Ashlyn Shell, Flower Girl
    My niece, Ashlyn, is absolutely ADORABLE and I'm so happy she is going to be our flower girl. I think she is excited too..how do I tell her she can't wear fairy wings with her dress?
  • Delroy Russell, Usher
    Rounding out the bride's side is my baby bro, Del. He has such a fun and energetic personality, so he will be the perfect "go-to" person during guest arrivals.
Stephen's attendants
  • Magellan Stevenson, Best Man
    What better Best Man can I have than the man who has taught me EVERYTHING I know and has provided the ultimate example of what a great husband, great father, and great man is supposed to be. Everything I am today I owe to the example you set early on. Can't thank you enough.
  • Randy Leach, Groomsman
    Mr. Leach. Ran-dell. Bop. The artist. Whatever you call him, I'm excited to have him standing with me on my special day. I might be the oldest but he is the example that I've tried to live up to since I was 2 years old and continue doing so to this day.
  • Magellan Stevenson III, Groomsman
    My 6'7 "baby" brother, "Smoke", has grown into one of the most amazing fathers that I know and this day would not be the same without him in it. The way he interacts with his sons is a true testament to what fatherhood is all about. I hope that one day I will be half the father he is. I admire you so much, baby bro.
  • Brennon Stevenson, Ring Bearer
    My nephew Brennon has grown up so fast these last several years that it's hard to imagine he's already 6 years old and starting school! Uncle Stephen is so proud that you are in the wedding but disappointed at the same time that you will be the cutest dude that day!
  • Darius Anglin, Usher
    My other "nephew", Darius, who has matured into a handsome, athletic and talented young man. You made us all grow up fast. My best memories from college were the days when I would rush home from class because I knew I was going to get to babysit you!
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